Hello Ralph,

I haven’t talked to you since the end of March, when our oil analysis came back with high metal contamination. So I figured I would let you know what has been happening.

If you reference your e-mail dated 3/27/2009 you will recall that you had us Borescope the accessory gearbox and inspect the power section oil screen for contamination. A vibration survey was performed which showed no unusual indication.

As a precaution we flew 10 Hrs and resample the oil, which also came back with high metal content.

We removed the engine for inspection by Dwight Cox, dba Southwest Airmotive, in Tucson, AZ. The inspection revealed that two gears in the accessory gearbox were failing. Southwest Airmotive completed the repair and metal contamination inspection and we are finishing the engine installation and rigging.

Due to the oil analysis reports, we were able to identify a problem and repair the engine before the problem became a major problem.

Thanks for your advice and continued help in keeping our birds flying.


Bruce Brown

Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc.

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