P&W Comparisons

P&WC TBO EXTENSION (S/B 1703, 1803)



November 30, 2001

For many years P&WC has had a program to escalate engine overhaul intervals for fleet operators by inspecting engines inducted for overhaul, and based on the condition of those engines a 500 hour TBO escalation could be recommended. This process could be repeated as many times as desired. S/B 1703 and S/B 1803 still retain that method and call it “OPTION A”.

S/B 1703 and S/B 1803 provide a new additional method which P&WC calls “OPTION B”. This comparison has been written to compare the MORE Instructions For Continued Airworthiness with P&WC’s OPTION B.

Rotor components life limits (S/B 1002) Yes / Same Yes / Same
FAA approval of TBO extension Recommend Already approved (STC)
Accessory O/H interval 6500 hours 4100 hours or more depending on engine model
Annual utilization requirement 300 hours min. No minimum limit
Parts, repair methods, repair shops Only P&WC affiliated (approved) No limitation
Records keeping Operator supplied method MORE Co. supplied method
Parts replacement life (bearings, gears) 12,000 hours No hourly life limit (replace when distressed)
Transfer of TBO escalation Subject to P&WC review No restriction
Calendar limits, O/H 12 years max. between O/H No restriction
Calendar limits, MidLife 6 years max. between MidLife No restriction
Fees $7000 or more initial and $7000 at each O/H or transfer $12000 initial (one time only)
Configuration (S/B’s) Ten (expensive) S/B’s required Two (inexpensive) S/B’s required
Hot section interval 1800 hours or ECTM On condition
Mission restriction (agricultural, skydiving, etc.) Yes None
MidLife inspection, engine Yes, 3000 hours None
MidLife inspection, accessories Yes, 3000 hours None
TBO interval 6000 hours 8000 hours
Number of engine models covered 11 30
Vibration monitoring Maybe later Already provided

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