Are you interested in operating a safer and more reliable
PT6A engine while reducing hourly operating costs?

There is a way!

The cost of operating your engine using the MORE Instructions is usually less than one half the cost of a typical engine overhaul and the MORE Instructions provides for an 8000 hour TBO.

MORE Company “On Condition” engine monitoring provides a method for maintaining your engine in top operating condition and enables early identification of problems when they are in the “infant” failure mode.

The periodic required maintenance procedures greatly reduce Hot Section distress. During a 400 hour MORE Hot Section inspection you can expect to find little or no damage.

Over 2800 STCs have been issued making this one of the most popular methods of TBO extension.

The More Supplemental Type Certificate for an 8000 Hour TBO is equivalent to the Pratt Whitney Canada Type Certificate for a 3600 Hour TBO. Source (FAA SAIB: NE-08-40)

The MORE STC’s cover 31 PT6A engine models, and the MORE Non-STC Version (ICA) cover all PT6A-60 series engine models.