SB Info

April 2, 2004

To: MORE STC Customers and Maintenance Facilities

Re: FAA Approval of the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer

MORE Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the now approved alternate engine vibration analyzer, the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer!

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer is a state of the art digital device, which uses the latest technology for fast and accurate results.

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer is available from MORE Company, Inc. or direct from Dynamic Solutions Systems, Inc. They can be contacted at 760-744-0187, 760-744-8089 fax, and website. The attached Features, Benefits and Specifications are attached to this letter.

MORE Company, Inc. is required to issue a Service Bulletin to all of our STC customers. This Service Bulletin is attached to this letter, and must be inserted in each MORE STC Manual, after the tab page marked “Vibration Analysis” in Appendix C, titled “Propeller Balancing and Engine Vibration Analysis”.

MORE Company, Inc. was required by the FAA to create an “Official MORE Report”. The results from the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer are downloaded into the MicroBase (included with the MicroVib II purchase), and then read by a separate software program, “MORE STC Report Generator Software” which generates the Official Report. This separate software is available from MORE Company, Inc. for NO CHARGE, and annually renewable for NO CHARGE. To order this software, please fill out attached order form.

With the MORE STC Report Generator Software, MORE Company, Inc. will also store the results in each engine file on a CD-ROM. This allows a duplicate record keeping history of each engine vibration report, which is easily accessed and emailed.

Please contact MORE Company, Inc. at 775-782-3346, 775-782-3349 fax, or email at with any further questions.

Best Regards,

MORE Company, Inc. staff